Group Home Assistant Manager

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Job Summary – Assist Manager in supervision of the group home.

Responsibility to Residents

1. Assist/train residents in the development of self-help and socialization skills.

2. Transport residents to daily program/work as required or needed.

3. Accompany residents on doctor appointments and ensure proper follow-up.

4. Attend annual ISP meetings for residents and ensure  Information in document is accurate.

5. Maintain records of residents’ progress.

6. Assist in planning recreation and leisure time activities, including community outings.

7. Assist with inventory of personal items/clothing. (January/June)

9. Prepare menu and do food shopping (encourage maximum resident participation).

10. Administer medication. Check medication/prescriptions and assist with preparing monthly medication administration records. Reorder medication as needed.

11. Provide safe, secure environment for residents.

12. Respond to Life Threatening Emergencies per Danielle’s Law and Stephen Komninos’ Law

13. Cooperate with ECCR and the license and Department of Human Services staff
in any inspection or investigation.

Responsibility to Supervisor

1. Participate in scheduled staff meetings to discuss resident goals and concerns.

2. Be available for special residence coverage during holidays, emergencies or when relief
coverage cannot be arranged.

3. Hold and record Fire Drills as directed.

4. Assume supervision in the absence of the manager.

5. Assist manager with monthly reports as directed.

6. Be on-call in conjunction with the house manager.

7. Cross-train in all group homes as directed.

8. Follow ECCR policies and procedures.

9. Document relevant information in ECCR’s Electronic Documentation System.

10. Review red communication log book/resident RA notes within 24- 72 hours (date and sign).

Responsibility to Staff
1. Communicate/cooperate with other group home staff.

2. Transfer pertinent information between shifts to ensure follow through.

3. Oversee and assist in completion of shift duties to facilitate good relations between staff.

4. Adhere to work schedule.

5. Be available for questions/concerns in absence of manager.

 Required Qualification 1

1. Education: High School diploma or equivalent.

2. Work Experience: One year experience working with
individuals with developmental disabilities.

3.  Special Skills/Licenses: Valid driver’s license in state of New Jersey with a good driving record.

4. Communication Skills: Must read, write and speak English. Good verbal and written skills to communicate with residents and staff

5. Must be at least 18 of age


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