Peters Story

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Our brother Peter was born with Fragile X Syndrome. When Peter reached adulthood he resided in a group home in New York for many years. Approximately 6 years ago, Peter developed a severe esophageal stricture that resulted in a 60 lbs weight loss in a very short time period and after nearly 40 hospitalizations, eventually required complete removal of his esophagus and dietary maintenance on a puréed diet forever. We were able to transfer Peter to the ECCR where he resides in one of the Lodges.

The ECCR has been nothing short of a godsend for Peter and our entire family. The care and supervision he receives is second to none. The staff treats Peter as family and provide a sense of warmth and compassion that gives him a true sense of belonging. The staff is incredibly sensitive to his needs and knowing that he is in their hands gives our family freedom which we would not otherwise enjoy. We have never met more loving and caring individuals in our lives.